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How It Works

So you need a special intro to make sure your brand is noticed. Let's quickly go through some major questions.


1) Do you need a logo in the intro? Just the text can be added into an intro — for example your brand name or your youtube channel name. This is a lot cheaper, by the way, than having a whole new logo designed first.

2) If you do need a logo, then do you have it? If not, then I offer full logo design service it comes at extra cost, of course.

3) Does your logo have transparent background? It has to be. If it isn't, I can make the background transparent for you for a small extra charge.

4) Ok, now on to the main question: how custom do you want your intro to be?

The cheapest way are the templates. Choose the one you like from the list below and send me the number with the order. It doesn't get easier than this!

If you want me to modify the colors (for example, the colors of the background or of the special FX), this is extra.

If you want a more complex modification to the template, please contact me with the number of the intro in question and let's discuss what needs to be changed.

The more unique way is a custom intro. This has nothing to do with templates: I make an outstanding animation for you only. And I can also make unique sound design for the custom intro.

P.S. More intros are added here everyday! So make sure to check in regularly.

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